Working and the Law

When working it is important to be aware of the legislation related to sex work. This should be considered a factor when getting ready for work.

What is legal?

It is legal to work alone either indoors or outdoors

What is illegal

It is illegal to work in pairs or groups this includes; hiring security, management or transport. Living off the earnings of another person’s sex work (including renting a room/apartment to a sex worker) is also against the law. The purchase of sex is illegal

Revenge Porn Helpline

Revenge Porn Helpline is a UK Service but it does provide a limited service to Irish based people. They provide general information and help with reporting and removing intimate images shared to social media without their consent.

They can refer anyone internationally to the Facebook project (which ‘digital hashes’, creates a unique identifying number, intimate images or videos to prevent them from being shared further to Facebook, Instagram and Facebook messenger).

For more information including contact details and operating hours etc,

For information about Irish Law, please see section on Scottish and Irish Law.

Proposed legislation aimed at tackling the non-consensual distribution of intimate images is currently in front of the cabinet and we will update this section as needed.


Chrysalis has advocated for decriminalisation. The people we work with who engage in Sex Work have told us that, while they have to continue to work, this new legislation, criminalising the purchase of sex does not make them feel safer. It means they do not have the time or power while negotiating the transaction and means that they are more likely to go against their gut instinct and take a risk and take a client that they may not have ordinarily have taken.

Advocates for the current legislation in Ireland say that all people who sell sex have been decriminalised but two or more people working together constitutes brothel keeping and sex workers in Ireland have been charged and convicted with brothel keeping.

Chrysalis is not looking to legalise sex work but to decriminalise it. Please see the card for the reasons why.