Sex Working in France has become significantly more dangerous for sex workers, and in turn they must spend more time working to earn a living, since the criminalisation of Sex Work in 2016. These are amongst the many worrying findings from a major report from France that was published last year, two years after sex work was criminalised in 2016.

With the aim of documenting the real impact of the new legislation, the research involved the participation of 583 sex workers, with the evidence gathered in a variety of models – In Depth interviews, focus groups and consultation with organisations who work with sex workers, i.e groups similar to Chrysalis.

The main findings make for very grim reading, including a rise in violence, increased impoverishment, increased difficulty for Sex Workers to negotiate and reduced condom use. There was no positive findings from the report and the law has not had its intended effect “of reinforcing the fight against the prostitution system and supporting prostitutes” by criminalising the purchase of sex.

The following charts show that the report’s participants cover the entire age spectrum of sex workers, and their different amount of experiences…

… and two of the stand out findings show that their direct experiences of violence has increased since the criminalisation [a rise of more than 42%] and their income decreasing in the same time frame [a drop in over 78%].

You can find the full report here

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